Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great Domestic Expedition of 2009- Day #5

FRIDAY MORNING 8:39 a.m. : Chasity has been located. She was spotted at about 8pm last night. According to our report, she got sidetracked on her way up the mountain by some hot springs. The search party located her lounging in one in bubble bath fashion with a glass of wine. She stated she spotted the Wifus Domesticus and it scared her senseless. She ran as far away from the mountain as she could get.

9:01 a.m. :
I have been dragged back into the jungles of domesticity. Believe me, I was kicking and screaming. But now that I am back at base camp and have been allowed the additional luxury of a cup of coffee, I must once again gear up for the day ahead of me. It is Friday. The weekend quickly approaches, and I refuse to allow this mountain to loom before me for another day with out conquering. No bubble baths, no excuses. I'm going in.

12:16 p.m. :
I failed to notice it was Friday the 13th. Normally I don't put too much stock in the day (my 13th and 18th birthdays occurred on Friday the 13th and they turned out pretty good) but somehow I managed to cut my thumb by breaking a glass while loading the dishwasher. Spiderman bandaid anyone? Heading back to base camp to throw some salt over my shoulder.


Jafael said...

A bubble bath sidetracking. I LOVE IT!!

Good luck on the mountain today.

Mom said...

We need a search part sent out to find Chas her last posting was at 12:16 today and nothing after that! You will be looking for a cut finger and a spider-man bandage. She could be lock in her basement might want to check there first. When you find her please let her know I Love her.

for a different kind of girl said...

I hope you've at least reached a few summits. My plan was to tackle this mountain, too, but SOMEONE came home and decided to attempt to fix the dryer all by himself. We're now closing in on the end of the second hour...

(my word verification? "devily" - exactly how I'll be feeling if I can't do laundry in my own house when this experiment is said and done!)

Sandi said...

You won the contest on my blog.

Email me so I can get you your gift certificate.

Congrats and thanks for reading me.

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