Friday, July 10, 2009

Haircuts of Terror...

Into every boy's life, a first haircut must fall. I'm a wuss who couldn't bring myself to remove my baby boy's curls. In order to better preserve the curls, I vowed I would not cut them until after Critter started walking. Critter became fully mobile at some point between 4pm July 2nd and 12pm on July 4th while Mom and Dad were both away on a camping trip. It could have been in order to keep up with his older cousins, but I'm holding fast to the Spite-Your-Mom-For-Leaving-Me-For-Two-Whole-Days-For-The-First-Time-Ever-Theory.

The dawn of Tuesday brought first haircut day. Critter chronicled it for us. Here's a look.

No, Mom, please don't cut my hair. I will brush it, I promise.

I know you are up to something...

This is what most of the pictures my Mom takes look like- can't you just hear her in the background saying, "Look up, No! Hold Still, Look up!" over and over again in a continuous loop?

These are my infamous curls, freshly brushed and wackadoo.

Pure. Torture.

I will get even for this, Mummo.

Yes my first sucker is good, but leave me alone I am plotting revenge. You just WAIT for the next diaper change, Chickee!!

Afterward at Grandma & Grandpa's. Grandma fed me so it's all good now.

Well, almost.


Jafael said...

He is so adorable!!

for a different kind of girl said...

Oh my! What a change! However, that adorable boy is still totally up front and center! Gorgeous!

We were so green with our first son that we didn't cut his hair forever! He was born with a ton of hair to start with, so seriously, we were pushing the need for a haircut by six months, but we were so clueless and carefree that we were this close to turning him into a shaggy little mutt. It got to the point where, had we left him alone with my mom, she was going to take scissors to him if we didn't do it first. She's the only reason we caved. Or learned. I'm still not sure which!