Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who Wants a Popsicle?

A simple diaper change for Critter has turned into a lesson in baby wrangling 101. He has discovered his anatomy. And while he actually discovered it a while ago, more recently he discovered that it is actually still there every time mom removes his diaper.

Each diaper change has become a joyous adventure in trying to pin down a rolling, kicking, squirming baby with lightning fast hands long enough to get the area clean. And by the time I try to put the new diaper underneath him, he's got a handful.

Last week, Smooch was hovering at the door to Critter's room while I was performing the diaper ritual. The scene launched the following conversation:

Smooch: "Uh...Mom...He' himself."

Me: "I know, sweetie. He's learning about his body, just like he had to learn about his fingers and his toes."

Smooch: "I know what he's learning."

Me: Oh dear, I'm not ready for questions. No questions. I don't want to discuss this stuff, I don't even own the equipment, I'm just a short term caretaker. Where's John? Oh, CRAP he's out on the bike. I'm stranded. Don't Panic. Breathe, Chas, just take a deep breath. VERY cautiously I ask, "What's that, dear?"

Smooch: "That it's squishy."

Me: "Yep, you're right. Who wants a Popsicle?"


for a different kind of girl said...

Just the lesson we want them to keep ingrained in their minds for many, many more years, too!

Mom said...

I want a popsicle!