Monday, August 18, 2008

Direct From the Tropics of....Indiana

We are on our last little mini vacation this week, before school begins for Smoochie. I may or may not be able to update too often, I am not sure. I will be back in town on Friday to catch up. We left Bonehead at home for a week of much needed bachelorhood, and I fully expect to return to him having done one of two things: 600 miles on his bike, or 600 hours of sleeping in the uncharacteristically quiet home front. Either way, I am sure he will enjoy single life to the fullest. Maybe even as much as the three of us will enjoy our time away from home.


Anonymous said...

well I am enjoying the time they are here in Indiana, don't worry grammy I've got every thing on the home front under control-- oh sorry I must go Emmett needs to be rocked

love aunt cindy

for a different kind of girl said...

As one who vacationed in the balmy sands of Missouri, I say yeah for your little vacation! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Johnny said...

I'll be happy to get about 120 miles in, and maybe 36 hours of sleep. I have to cook my own dinner and wash stuff, takes a chunk out saddle time I tell you! I miss you guys, even that 16 pound bag of noise and drool.