Monday, August 25, 2008

We've Been Busy- Snippets


We arrived home from our mini vacation after a 4 ½ hour drive on Friday, and immediately set sail for Grandma and Grandpa’s a little over an hour away. After dinner and a shopping excursion to purchase much needed soccer gear for Smoochie, we embarked on the trip home. Bonehead had mercy on me and drove home for us. I’m normally such a control freak I feel like I’m going to fall off the edge of the earth if I’m not driving. Between Critter being in full grouch mode and 5 ½ hours on the road, I was too tired to care. He could have driven us to Hooters and I would have kissed him, given him my debit card and told him to “have fun I’ll wait here.” I was so tired I would have been just fine with that. The Weekend fun was only beginning.


Smoochie’s first soccer game was Saturday morning. I’ll not be one of those parents who brags about how great their kid is at sports, because, well, David Beckham he is not. He did better than last year at staying up with the other kids, though. For some reason he feels the need to jog in place, even when he’s not moving. I must confess for a moment or two of his game, I had a couple of very scary Jane Fonda thoughts. However, I do not care really if he is the best or the worst kid on the team. What I care about is the fact that he is running around outside for an extended period of time, and not at home with his nose plastered to the TV screen.

Once the soccer game was finished, we immediately headed home so we could partake in the Great Couch Escapade of 2008. I will write an entire post regarding this event in our lives this week, but for now I’ll just throw out the warning: Couch Potatoes Beware.

Grandma and Grandpa came out to see us, so after the Couch Escapade we headed out to purchase some school clothes for Smooch since his first day back is today. I learned a very valuable lesson: Never let a 6 year old hold his own shoes. They get set down on a display somewhere in the store and you don’t have them when you get home. So after 2 shopping trips Saturday, Smoochie was prepared for the much anticipated start of school.


Sunday was the Corn Fest Bike Rally for Bonehead and Smoochie. They rode about 20 miles together on the Critter Puller, and although I couldn’t go along this year, I was filled in on the fact that Smoochie can ask questions at the speed of light while pedaling a bike as well. I was worried about that, for what would Bonehead do without the rapid fire questions from Smoochie on their morning ride?


Today was the first day of school. It’s only ½ day, but even so I fought the desire to start doing Lucky Charms Leprechaun kicks after my early morning wake up. Like every doting mother, I made sure to take pictures of his first day of first grade. Our photo shoot conversation was something along these lines:

Me: Smile for the camera, Smoochie

Me: Smoochie. Smile.

Smoochie: I can’t the sun is too bright.

Me: I have to have you stand there, otherwise the camera won’t be able to see you.

Smoochie: Moooooom!! I can’t see. (grumble grumble)

Me: Fine, move over here.

Smoochie: OK.

Me: Stand still already.

Me: Every picture I take keeps turning out blurry.

Me: Smooch. Please. Stand. Still. For a moment.

Me: Good enough.

Smoochie: Woohoo! Can I push Critter? Is it time for the bus yet? Do I have ½ day or full day? Are all my school supplies in my backpack? How do my new shoes look? Will Critter miss me today? Etc. Etc. Etc……


And now I sit here and smile because with Critter napping, it is so quiet, I can hear my dishwasher.

Stay tuned for the Great Couch Escapade of 2008.


Johnny said...

Err....Uh....the display I found Smoochies shoes was too tall for him to have put the shoes there himself. It was either, you, me, or my mom. Since my mom isn't computer savvy enough to defend herself here, I am going to blame her.

Mom said...

I would say the shoes on the display would be John or His Mom because isn't Smoochie just about as tall as Chas? (So she couldn't of put them there right? Smoochie looks so grown up in his 1st grade picture! I'm missing so much!

for a different kind of girl said...

What a handsome boy! School started here last Wednesday, and your photo session sounds just like the one I had last week, and every year prior. It's harder now, too, because my oldest thinks he's too cool to smile for the camera. I totally had to end things with a 'Fine. I guess that'll do,' again this year.

Enjoy your moments of peace!