Friday, October 3, 2008


As part of our morning routine, I have to make sure Smoochie gets to the bus stop. The stop is 4 houses down from us, so I give him a little freedom. I wait out in front of our house with Critter, and he walks down to the bus stop on his own. I stand and wait until he’s on the bus, and Critter and I wave as the bus drives by, smiling at Smoochie’s hyper-enthused expression.

And then one morning this week, Wednesday I believe, Smooch wasn’t there to wave at me. He’d chosen to sit on the other side of the bus, ignoring the fact that mom is standing in front of her own home waving at absolutely nobody like a doofus, and I caught myself grinning and giggling madly to boot. My smile fizzled when I realized what he’d done. I was feeling the Smoochie love.

Thursday arrived. Once again, we’re standing in front of our house, and I’m giving goodbye kisses to Smooch, about to send him off to the bus stop without me. He looked at me and said, “Wave at me, Mom.”

To which my response was, “You have to sit on the right side of the bus in order for me to wave.”

I knew his OK came way too quick. Once again, I became the Crazy Mom, standing outside her home waving at absolutely nobody. He got me twice.

Bring on the Friday morning bus departure. He actually looked at me and said, “Mom, make sure you and Critter wave at me.”

I said specifically, “You HAVE TO SIT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BUS FOR ME TO WAVE AT YOU. If you sit on the OTHER SIDE I look like an idiot waving at absolutely nobody. Listen carefully child. If I wave at you and you are not there again, I am coming to get you, AND I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.”

There were some giggles, an agreement, and off he went to wait at the bus stop.


That little punk did it to me again! Only this time I KNOW he was crouched down on the other side of the bus snickering. “Watch this. Tee hee. She’s ACTUALLY WAVING! Hee hee, haa haa. I can’t believe she actually fell for it again! What a chump!”

I walked Critter into the house giggling. “Your brother got me again. I’m such a dork.”

Yeah. It’s Halloween time. Monday morning, I think I might walk that boy all the way down to the bus stop with nerd teeth in my mouth, my hair in pig tails, and toting pom poms. If I’m going to look like the neighborhood crazy, I might as well drag the boy down with me.

Seriously, I can not believe I fell for it more than once. I’m kicking myself over here.


for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! I'm ashamed to tell you how often I've done that, too! Now I walk the six houses down with my youngest just so I can get him to wave at me. Of course, he gets on the bus and doesn't! Grrr!

Traci said...

Ok, here is what I would do to my poor children IF THEY RODE A BUS....I would wear my robe to the bustop and get on the bus and WAVE LIKE CRAZY CALLING THEIR NAME....then casually walk off and give the bus driver a $5.00 haaaaaa. Although, I'm sure smootchie is too young to really apprciate the work you would have to do to complete that task. You are such a hoot!!!

Aunt Cindy said...

sounds like something Uncle Danny would have taught him. I'm laughing cause the visual is killing me. funniest home videos and me without a recorder. Love you keep the good stories coming Aunt Cindy

Mom said...

Thanks Chas you made my morning! When I answered the phone at work with laughter in my voice I'm sure the other person on the line was thinking must be a nice place to work if your laughing on a Monday Morning answering phones! You've always been gullible and blond! Good job Smoothie! Love You!