Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long Overdue and Snippety

It seems I have neglected my blog for well over a week now.  It wasn't intentional, in retrospect, but has nonetheless happened.  I'm back, from the land of the busy, to scratch a bit at My Neurotic Spot.  While I was away, quite a bit has happened. 

*I feel the uncontrollable urge to confess that sometimes I avoid the blog strictly due to my foul mood (a.k.a. these days as hormones- the cause of beautiful female disintegration worldwide).  I try to keep things fairly entertaining and light around here, and I admit freely that sometimes my mood takes me to places that might (if you'll squint your eyes and tip your head to the side a bit) resemble Godzilla on a bender.  And by Godzilla, yes, I do mean a freakishly large lizard skinned rampaging she-beast who periodically switches from breathing fire to shattering entire coastal ecosystems with a laser beam gaze.  Occasionally, I might have an out of body experience while in this state and witness my beast of a mood in action.  It's like a runaway shopping cart in a wind storm- Oh yeah, I see it clear as day.  But can I get there in time to stop it? Uh, yeah, nothing short of a fire hose and a skyscraper size Swiss Cake Roll is taking that mood down, baby. Hormones.  Gotta love them.

* Last Friday was my 15th wedding anniversary.  15 years already, wow. It's still pretty hard for me to comprehend, and it's been here and gone.  It makes me feel both proud and desperate to stay young.  If 15 years can go by that fast, I will be in a nursing home next week.  Then comes the panic followed by my breathing exercises, yet another stupid craving for a Swiss Cake Roll, and the employment of my breathing techniques while muttering, "I'm only 34, I'm only 34, I'm only 34" and the deliberate oversight of the silver steaks that keep popping up in my hair.  Then I try to think happy thoughts and pop a multivitamin and a Low Sodium V8.

*I sometimes wish Critter was a girl, but not for the reasons that would turn him into a circus freak.  When I'm getting him dressed in the morning, and at night, and after each diaper change in between, he pulls a leg out of his pants immediately after I get it in.  It's perturbing.  Every time I dress the boy, I swear I dress eight legs.  If he were a girl, he would totally be in a skirt for the rest of eternity.  I foresee a randomly naked child for most of the summer.

*Saturday was the official one year anniversary of My Neurotic Spot.  I've been posting for a full year now.  I wanted to celebrate, but the lizard in me left me bereft of the ability.  In celebration, I will be posting the first ever included pictures of me on my blog.  You know, a little face behind the voice. If I can figure out flickr, I will also include the photo tribute to my wedding anniversary as well.  But coming from someone who came (holding pointer finger and thumb a smidgen apart from each other) this close to deleting her entire 41 plus day library of itunes music on Tuesday, it might take a while.  And yes, I did almost delete it.  While it was preparing and I realized there was no way to stop it, I panicked and turned the computer completely off.  I sweated a bit, then tried to turn it back on, and thankfully it was not still trying to delete an entire lifetime of music accumulation combined from both me and Bonehead. And speaking of Bonehead, he didn't know.  Until now when he reads my post, that is.  Sorry, my bad (sheepish grin).  I'm his worst nightmare when it comes to computers and related items. 

* I stopped my Weight Loss Wednesday posts a while ago, but I am still updating my side bar on a pretty regular basis.  To date, as of my weigh in on January 1st, I have lost 30 pounds.  Believe me, I am super excited about this progress, and will keep working toward my goal.  However, I figured out that I can only word "I need to drink more water and start keeping a food journal" in so many ways before it gets uber boring.

* I still have not caved and walked into (or drove thru) a Starbucks.  I seriously can't believe I've left it alone for 4 whole months now.  However, I am making it known that I am asking for a Starbucks Caramel Frappucino for Mother's Day.  Even if I have to go get it myself.  As long as I'm confessing today and disclosing my secret thoughts and horrid behavior and all.

* As part of our anniversary celebration, we went to hear some local music at a nearby bar.  It's one of the advantages of living in a college town.  Out of 4 bands that played Saturday night, only one was really worth listening to.  But I had an epiphany over the course of the evening that I feel the need to share.  You have not truly lived until you've heard Eddie Money performed as Thrash Metal.  'Nough said.

* And as long as I'm confessing today, I have never watched a Godzilla movie. Godzilla could very well be a man for all I know, but for the sake of today's post, she's a she.  And she can breathe fire and shoot lazer beams out her eyes. 

That's all I've got for today.  I think I'm good now.  Carry on.


for a different kind of girl said...

I was just wondering about you today! Glad you have popped back in! Happy 15th anniversary. We'll be at 15 years this fall, if I'm doing my math correctly, and, alas, I am not still in my 30s, so I'm with you on the working it out to stay young thing. Tempted as I was to get a frapp today when I left work, I just put my head down and barreled out the door. I'm sure I'll be so proud of myself when I gourge on some Italian food tonight with friends!

Mom said...

All these things are natural! All we can do is find the beauty of today remember to give our children as much love as we can and don't forget to love yourself. Great Job on one year of posting! You need a metal for the 15 years, (JK) But most of all you need a big hug and kiss for what you have accomplished in your life already! I know that I'm so proud of you! Keep your chin up none of us get any younger. (LOL)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Happy anniversary and happy blogiversary. I think it's great you're in touch with your inner lizard.