Friday, May 2, 2008

My Neurotic Spot

My husband and I had our 14th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. Our celebration won't be until tomorrow night, but I thought maybe the best place to start would be the explanation of my title. Several years ago, I developed an itch in the middle of my back. This particular itch isn't your average itch- the kind you can scratch and make it go away. My itch kept comming back, no matter how many times I scratched it. Not right away, but hours, sometimes even just a few minutes later. To make matters worse, my itch was in the exact spot on my back that neither my right hand nor my left hand could reach no matter how I stretched and hopped up and down. I often asked my husband to scratch this spot for me because I couldn't- not for lack of trying on my part.

On one occasion several years ago, I asked my husband to scratch my itch for me. I had grown increasingly frustrated with this spot and wanted to possibly get down to the root of the problem. Now, because I am a normal human being and can't see my back, I thought maybe my husband might humor me and clue me in to the great mystery of the spot I couldn't reach. I asked him, "Do you see or feel anything? Does it feel like there are any bumps there or anything? Does it feel dry?"

Without missing a beat, my husband said "No, it feels neurotic."

Between the laughter and the tears, I knew right away that my spot would from that day forever forward be known as the neurotic spot.

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