Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Snapshots

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and today is pretty much the only nice day we’re expected to have. I think Critter may have brought a cold home from daycare and shared it with both Mom and Dad. This has made for a grouchy Critter, Mom, and Dad. Poor Smoochie- he’s the only healthy person in the house and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t quite understand why our home has turned from such a loving place to grouch central.

In order to combat the grouchies, I decided Critter really needed this seat I’ve been thinking about buying for 6 weeks or so. It’s time, he’s ready, and a change of scenery might actually do both Critter and myself some good. Plus getting out of the house gives me an excuse to swing by Starbucks for my favorite caffeinated beverage.

So I placed Critter in his carseat and prepared for a mini-excursion to our local “Tar-zhay” store. I thought the way his ears bent out under his little baseball cap was cute, so I grabbed the camera. I’m glad I did because I captured something so rare it has yet to be captured on camera. And in a house full of grouchies, it was even more than a rare gem…

The elusive Critter smile. It’s rare, but when I’m lucky enough to see one my heart palpitates with pride.

We bought the seat, I got my coffee drink, and headed for home. The cold drink felt so good on my sore throat I drank it too fast. I got brain freeze but I didn’t let it deter me. I just kept right on drinking until my eyeballs hurt. I didn’t care either because it’s the best my throat felt all day.

I have no brain freeze pictures but I do have pictures of Kepler, Critter, and Smooch at play in our back yard upon our return with the new seat.

Kepler is our German Shepherd. He’s such a sweet dog, and he loves both the boys. He kept searching the yard and bringing Critter all the sticks he could find.

Kepler wasn’t sure what to think when we first brought another crying bundle home, but I think by this point Critter and Kep are pretty in tune with one another.

I tried to get some good pictures of Smoochie at play, but he was too quick. What matters is how much Critter loves watching his big brother do all those big boy things he does.

We enjoyed a little bit of time outdoors today. The rain is due to start tomorrow and continue for a few days. For at least a few minutes we enjoyed a little sunshine, a little laughter, and lost a little of our grouchies.


Jafael said...

Looks like a really fabulous day!! What a charming smile (maybe especially since it is so elusive) ;)

I like the new waves pic on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you all got a little time out side! What a cute smile Critter has! Like the chair for Critter hope he enjoys it for a little while. Can't believe how quick they are both growing! Love and miss you all.
Grammy & Mom