Saturday, May 17, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Our good friends have a little girl who is absolutely adorable. Today was Webling's First Birthday party. A year ago I held Webling for the first time and fell in love. In fact, I fell in love so much that I told Bonehead we should have another baby. He agreed and we figured in about 6 months or so we would start trying. Less than two weeks later I was with Critter. In a way, Webling is the reason we were blessed with Critter, so she will always have a special place in my heart. Plus I like to spoil the girls since I was blessed with boys.
We all had a wonderful day, but I have to give the top award to Smoochie. Not only were his Aunt and Grandma there, but so were Webling and The Girlies. In the space of one afternoon, he had cake, a brownie, pop, AND he got to play with his Girlies.

One of the best parts of the day was to see Smoochie smiling and feeling better.

Even Critter joined in the festivities.

I got this random shot while they were preparing for a group picture.
The Girlies lived with us for a year and a half, so they're more like big sisters than cousins.

I love not telling them I'm going to take their picture now.
This one's a little cuter.
Even better.


Annie said...

As you can tell the Girlies love Smooch and Critter just as much. We all had a wondwefull time as well.

Cecily R said...

All the pictures are adorable, but Critter...holy COW that is one cute baby!!!

We gave those same star sun glasses out at Evie's birthday party yesterday!