Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Abc's of Me

Because I seem to be thinking a little too much about birds this week, and I don't want anyone to think I'm obsessed with them by telling another bird story, I went with this entry this evening. I saw it on two of the blogs I read this evening, and it looked like fun.

A. Attached or Single- Attached

B. Best Friend- Bonehead

C. Cake or Pie- Pie is gross

D. Day of choice- Saturday

E. Essential item- Laughter

F. Flavor of ice cream- Half Baked

G. Gummy Bears or Worms- Bears

H. Hometown- Sturgis, Michigan

I. Indulgences- Starbucks caramel frappuccino, reading a book in a bubble bath

J. January or July- July

K. Kids- Smoochie and Critter

L. Last movie I saw in a theater- Bourne Ultimatum

M. Missing in action

N. Number of siblings- 1

O. Oranges or apples- Oranges

P. Phobias or fears- Birds, phones (funny from someone who answers customer calls all day), asking people for things, tornadoes, spiders

Q. Quote- My husband’s quote of me whenever I’m frustrated “Cute baby fingers and cute baby toes”

R. Reasons to smile- Smoochie, Critter, Bonehead, and the fact that I understand jokes 20 seconds after everyone else and have been known to call my uncle to have him explain one (or two) to me

S. Season- Fall

T. Tag 4- I got nuthin’

U. Unknown fact about me- Not only do I have that crazy longer second toe, but it's double jointed

V. Vegetarian or oppressor of animals- Bring on the steak!

W. Worst habit- Falling asleep ½ hour after I’ve made my husband put MY movie in

X. X-rays or ultrasounds- Ultrasounds

Y. Your favorite food- Ham, green bean and potato stew/soup

Z. Zodiac- Scorpio

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