Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had a conversation with Bonehead a couple of days ago. Here’s how it went:

Me: I haven’t even had time to blog

Bonehead: I’m sure YOUR LOYAL READER will be disappointed.

Me: Shut up.

(My mom reads it-When I call her and tell her to).

Dear Mom,
I’m so sorry I haven’t had time to update my blog this week. It seems Smoochie, who we thought might have strep throat, has something much worse. Smoochie has some sort of intestinal virus that has been anything but pretty for the last week. The poor little guy has been in some serious pain, and I as a mother have faced one of my biggest nightmares: not being able to make it better for him.

Since you have decided you like your Florida residence and won’t come home no matter how much I beg, plead or stomp my feet, I am extremely fortunate to have my Mother-In-Law near enough to help us out. I used all of my days off for the year up on Maternity leave, and have had to go to work every day this week regardless of how much I want to stay home and rub Smoochie’s head. Bonehead’s mom has been gracious enough to stay with us this week to help us out with Smooch.

I still have Critter to get ready every morning for daycare, but until Smoochie is feeling better, he’s staying home with Grandma. The doctor has told us this virus can last between a week to two weeks. So with one week down, I am hoping and praying that his pain will begin to subside.

Unfortunately, my Mother-In-Law has been quite productive in her endeavors while at our house during the day. My Laundry is caught up, my dishes are done, my infamous crap countertop has been sorted through, my grocery shopping done, and my son well taken care of. Bonehead’s mom, without a doubt, is a saint.

You would think that all of this saintly helpfulness would help me out, now wouldn’t you? Here is the problem with all of that wonderful help. After getting up an hour to two hours before my alarm is set to go off each day due to Critter’s own not so functional internal alarm, I have rushed to daycare to drop him off, and then to work to be swamped. Upon returning home, feeling quite inadequate for not helping more, I try to lend a hand with dinner, take care of Critter, and set aside time for cuddles with Smooch to help him feel better. Then there’s laundry to put away, dishes to help find homes for, children to get ready for bed- and believe it or not by the time Critter’s off in Critterland, I am ready to sleep on my feet.

So I have to apologize for not updating my blog this week. It’s a good thing I haven’t called you in a few days to remind you to read it. However, there will be a brand new blog entry tomorrow at some point (most likely evening), and I will try to get ahead over the weekend so you will have something to look forward to next week.

Your frazzled daughter.

PS. Thank you for being my loyal reader. Even if I have to remind you to be.


Annie said...

Ok so I'm not mom and I can't take off work to help but you can tell Bonehead that you have loyal readerSSSSS cuz i got to count for some-tin, and yes i can read. LOL

Bonehead said...

Did Amber and Jason help you with the big words? Thanks for chiming in, she needed a little moral support!

Jafael said...

You can add my name to that plural of readerS. I read every entry!

Anonymous said...

I have chek this almost everyday! I also print out a copy for Aunt Kayleen.I do enjoy reading this so please when you have time update it. And as a mother I understand when you don't have time as children come first, Bonehead second & anytime left it all for you! LOL. I hope my Grandson is feeling better tell him I Love Him Lots! I can't tell you how I wish I was their to help! Bless your Mother-in-law that's for sure. P.S. When did you start listening to Bonehead anyway? Love Mom

Anonymous said...

ok don't leave me out of this I check it everyday so there!!!! And I agree with Chas that her Mother might consider coming home I know how much she hates not being grammy to the NEW MOST BEAUTIFUL, GORGIOUS, HANDSOME, BEST BEHAVED LITTE BOY ON EARTH. But I tried to tell you all she was the MICHIGAN BITCH but no one heard me so she bacame the Illinois Bitch but to no credit to me did any one here me so now here she is miles and miles and miles away when we all need her so much.. Well if she reads this I wonder if she is feeling guilty yet {Its not very often I can do this but that was my opportunity and I jumped in with both feet} oh yah I love you all very much. That was fun lets do it again real soon. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

To reply to the anonymous writer whom was making me feel guilty, yes it worked as I do wish I could be their to spoil, love & take care of them! But, as for the rest of my comments I will not be able to express them on this page, because my grandchildern could some day read these comments and they just shouldn't know anything but Im a loving, caring person who thinks the world of them! Please call to descuss the remander of the email! I will be waiting by the phone.
The loving Grandmother!

DeeDee said...

Aww, you got readers with just a few posts. It took me over a year for my blog to get somebody besides my daddy and papa and sister to read!!

whoo hoo for you!