Monday, May 5, 2008

Blogging Frustrations

OK. I now have two posts for Monday, May 5th due to the fact that I inadvertently deleted my entry from May 4th. All would have been good until Bonehead (my husband) pointed out that one of the pictures had red eye. From that moment on, it was like someone was shining a laser pointer at my computer screen. I actually tried to ignore it.

I told myself that things will get better as I get more experience with blogging. My laser point became the size of a quarter on my computer screen.

I told myself that a year from now I would be able to look back on my first few posts and see how much I've learned and how far I'd come. My blaring red quarter sized dot grew to the diameter of a dinner plate.

I told myself that someday I would get a chuckle from the first few frustrations of blogging. My dinner plate turned into a giant sized red blob and swallowed me whole.

I decided my photo would have to be fixed or it would nag me for the duration of eternity. I promptly fixed the photo, and once I had the relief of a red eye free son, I proceeded to my blog to edit. Please don't ask me how I did it, because I'd be hard pressed to even duplicate it. It happened so fast I don't even think I had time to blink.

My blog entry completely disappeared. I didn't have it saved anywhere else. I am always Google chatting with Bonehead and in my panic I sent him a Google chat with some not so fun language. I remember starting with the word crap-ola and the rest is a giant blur.

But now all is well. The red eye is gone, and I have two blog entries today. My husband will always be a bonehead - but I love him dearly.

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Jafael said...

I absolutely HATE it when my blog entries get eaten! Just think, in no time you'll be a blogging pro!

John gave me the link here, hope you don't mind my reading it! I love blogs. (Mine is at blog(dot)mylastname(dot)org, where my last name is my actual last name. Hope that isn't too confusing! (It's not easy trying to avoid spammers!))

Jamie (in AZ)