Sunday, May 18, 2008

You know you're a mom when...

My sister and I have had an ongoing conversation for about the last 6 years. It always starts out “You know you’re a mom when…”, and then we finish it with some of the more abnormal things that have happened to us. I thought maybe I would share a few.

You know you’re a mom when……
You open up your purse and your child’s socks stare you in the face.

You know you’re a mom when…
Your much needed alone time is a trip to the grocery store-preceded by a guilt-ridden trip to Starbucks for a caramel frappucino.

You know you’re a mom when…
You’ve used the phrase “Don’t bleed on the couch!”

You know you’re a mom when…
You put on last years spring jacket and there’s a matchbox car in the pocket.

You know you’re a mom when…
You can sing a nursery rhyme and sleep at the same time.

You know you’re a mom when…
You’ve been chewed on like beef jerky in the last 24 hours.

You know you’re a mom when…
You can dress a screaming baby, answer the questions your 6 year old is shooting out at 100mph, plan the dinner menu, and mentally take a pantry inventory all at the same time.


Cecily R said...

I've had socks in my purse several times...why exactly is that??

Jeff Sinea said...

all we had was PONG and you had WALK to the TV to turn the channel..... oh wait, is this the early 80's Blog?


Jeff Siena said...

and I spelled my last name wrong!


Anonymous said...

You know you’re a Mom when:
All your shirts have foreign stain on them.
You know you’re a Mom when:
Sleep is not in your vocabulary.
You know you’re a Mom when:
Your children are not with you and someone shouts out Mom and you turn to see if it’s your child.
You know you’re a Mom when:
You sit crying & worried because they got busy and forgot to call and tell you they were going to be late!
You know you’re a Mon when:
You would give your life to save theirs any day!

Annie said...

You know your a mom when you hide peas in a cassarol.
You know your a mom when you say "Turn down the music or shut your door!"
You know your a mom when you you say daily "Get off the phone!"
You know your a mom when all of a sudden you don't know anything.
You know your a mom when its 2:30 am and your running to the 24 hour store for childrens Motrin in your jammies, slippers and sleep still in your eyes,and you don't care what people think.

DeeDee said...

You know you're a mom when - you suck the dirt off of your baby's pacifier that just fell on the floor because you're too lazy to wash it off.

...when you don't bother shutting the bathroom door when you go to use the toilet because you know somebody will be standing right in front of you within a matter of seconds anyway.

...when you use spit to clean up everything. Everywhere.

...when you find yourself humming the theme to Dora the Explorer or Spongebob while doing dishes.

...when you've had to retrieve at least one item of yours from the toilet.

...when your feet stick to the kitchen floor and you could care less.

...when you can carry on a conversation with another mom on the phone while kids are screaming on both ends and it doesn't even phase you.

and last one I'll share with you,
...when you've had to scour your bathtub because someone left a floater for you to get out when you turned your back for two flippin' seconds. Yes, I said bathtub!!

Not that I know anything about all this stuff!!

Thanks for the laugh and for stopping by my blog. I've added you to my roll!!