Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ugly Betty Night

Tonight is Ugly Betty Night in our house. It’s as good as a holiday.

Bonehead and I are too cheap to pay for real cable, so we pay $9.95 a month for the absolute most basic package we can get. Essentially this means we get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS. We figured since there’s nothing on anyway, there might as well be nothing on cheaply. We don’t miss it much, really. Sometimes I miss the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, and once a year Bonehead misses the Tour De France. Other than that, we’re good.

I had a rare night at home while Smooch and Bonehead were out doing their thing. While flipping through our primitive channel selection, I happened to flip onto the series premiere of Ugly Betty. Much to my surprise, I rather liked it.

The next week, as the family was united in our living room, we performed our Thursday night channel flipping ritual again. There was Ugly Betty. I chimed up, “Let’s watch this- I saw it last week and kind of liked it.” So the three of us hung out and watched Ugly Betty to pass away an otherwise uneventful evening.

The next day my Smoochie asked, “Is Ugly Betty on?” And again the day after that. And AGAIN the day after that. I attempted to explain that it would not be on again until Thursday night. My efforts were futile. Smoochie was hooked. It took a while, but eventually he came to understand that Ugly Betty is on once a week.

Every Thursday I began stopping for Qdoba on my way home from work, in honor of Ugly Betty day. We began a weekly tradition of meeting in our living room (not entirely unlike The Simpsons now that I think about it) and watching Ugly Betty. This weekly family ritual spawned two phrases in our home.

Phrase #1: Is your Qdoba arm broken?

Phrase#2: Happy Ugly Betty Day.

We’re still watching.

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