Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog Warming Party Day 2 (And a Giveaway)

*No play lists were hurt in the making of this post*

Every good party needs a little music. So I grabbed my trusty MP3 player and charged it up real good. I've thrown it into shuffle play mode, just to mix it up a bit. Music can say alot about a person (or not), so lets see what my little shuffle is saying about me today.

Before I get started, I thought I'd share something most people don't know about me. I'm a lyric queen. I memorize lyrics, and can sing along with just about anything played near me. If I like a song and don't know the lyrics, I actually look them up online in order to remedy that fact. And while Bonehead is the expert on 80's music trivia, I am the lyric queen. Which is why he waits for me to mess a line up when we're in the car together so he can pounce with a triumphant, "Ha! I heard that."

Which never fails to turn me beet red.

Anyway, out of my 4 hour play list, here's what my trusty little machine pulled out for the party:

1. Life in a Northern Town- Sugarland. This song is actually a fairly recent purchase, I have only had it for a few months. I'm pretty nostalgic about the original, and I happened to really like this version when I heard it.

2. Geek in the Pink- Jason Mraz. I discovered the joy that is Jason Mraz on You Tube shortly after my son was born. In one of those late night mommy and me parties. And let me tell you, Jason Mraz can seranade me anytime.

3. Hurricane Party- Cowboy Mouth. I saw Cowboy Mouth perform at a small divebar here in town, and let me tell you, it was one of the funnest small venue experiences I have ever had (second only to our wedding anniversary when we visited the same bar for punk rock night) I keep hoping they will come back, because I would so be there. Before I went, I knew one song. That performance made a fan out of me.

4. Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate- Indigo Girls. The Indigo Girls are my all time favorite band, and have been since I was the tender age of 14. As a matter of principal and devotion, I try to include at least one of their songs on every play list I create. Unless its a workout playlist, then I tend to lean toward more techno-y kind of stuff.

5. Hey Julie- Fountains of Wayne. This song, too, is a recent Itunes purchase, and I haven't had it for too horribly long. It makes me want to tap my toes and I can tell you that in the past few months Smoochie and I have danced around the kitchen together many times while preparing dinner. So now it's not only fun, it's special, too.

6. You Won't Make a Fool Out of Me- Flogging Molly. I married a Freckly, Red Headed Irishman. And although he drinks next to never, he did inherit the Irish metabolism for whiskey. I have a fondness for "Irish American Celtic Punk" that doesn't limit itself to St. Patty's Day.

*upon reading my post, my beloved Bonehead pointed out that others may think he's from Ireland. I married a freckly, red headed American man OF IRISH DESCENT, just in case there may be any confusion*

7. Who I Am- Jessica Andrews. I am the spitting image of my Father, who happened to be the spitting image of my Grandmother, and I am the only one in the family to inherit her green eyes. It's a sentimental song to me, and I try very hard be a music Genre Snob. Although, I do tend to run screaming from anything classical with latin lyics. It's probably all the time I spent in choir in school.

8. Green Fields of France- Dropkick Murphys. I love this song, and we've already established my love for this genre. That's all I've got.

9. Black Horse and The Cherry Tree- K T Tunstall. Even though I've heard this song no less than 1000 times, I still haven't gotten tired of this song.

10. Little Bitty- Alan Jackson. Another recent purchase. I bought this song with the sole purpose of serenading my little Critter. Because he's so little bitty. (Smooch was a tank, I fully expected another tank. What I got was a peanut. So, Little Bitty it is)

11. Bonus Track: Battle of New Orleans- Johnny Horton. Because it's just fun.

I have to confess I cheated just a tad. The actual shuffle mode on my play list pulled up a total of 3 Jason Mraz songs (imagine that), and so in the interest of variety, I hit fast forward once or twice.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, the party food edition of my Blog Warming Party, and please feel free to leave as many comments as you would like. I'll enter your name once for each comment left, and announce the winner of the apron on November 13th.


Jafael said...

What a merry blog party going on over here!

Mom said...

Lets Party! When do we get to the drinks?????