Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blog Warming Party Day 4 (And a Giveaway)

The time has come for the game portion of my Blog Warming Party. No party is complete without a game or two, so I’ve adapted one for my blog. This game is called I never...I’m going to give you a list (Oh, gee, really Chas, a LIST?) of things that I have done in my wilder, crazier days (and some not so wild and crazy). One of these things is actually not true. The rest are. Can you guess which wild and crazy thing I actually did not do?

I never pierced anything myself.

I never snuck into my house after midnight.

I never snuck out of my house after midnight.

I never ran away.

I never snuck in (or out) through a boy’s window.

I never sailed.

I’ve never been to another country not attached to the United States.

I never shaved a large portion (the bottom half) of my head.

I’ve never been arrested and handcuffed.

I never got a tattoo.

I never…you know...smack dab in the middle of acres and acres of daisies (my favorite flower).

I’ve never been greeted at my door by a very large barking dog that wasn’t mine.

I’ve never been on a nuclear powered submarine.

I never pointed at a place on a map and then just went there.

I’ve never received a speeding ticket.

I never had a cavity until I was 32.

I never watched a meteor shower at 3am.

I’ve never seen a solar eclipse with a shadow box thing.

I’ve never danced around the kitchen with my son instead of doing dishes.

I’ve never gone to the bathroom outside.

I’m running out of wild and crazies here. Can you figure out which one is not true? I’m surprised I came up with as many as I did, since I’m a pretty straight and narrow kind of girl. Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of my Blog Warming Party, and don’t forget to leave comments for your chance to win the apron.


hondaray6 said...

Oh, this is too fun! Now about that list! Its pretty adventuresome for such a calm and collected girl! LOL So, I think you never sailed....but if it turns out to be the "field of daisies" then I recommend that you correct that ASAP!

Mom said...

You never gotten a tattoo! And for the rest your grounded for the rest of your live!!!!!!Stop the party and go to your room!!!Do you hear me!!!

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! Your mom! Hilarious! If she says you've never gotten a tattoo, I'm inclined to believe her, but my first inclination was the 'you know' in a field of daisies, so that's what I'll go with.

...though I'm kind of torn on the whole nuclear submarine, too...

Ok, no. I'm going with the field of daisies.

Always Home and Uncool said...

I guess "never sailed." But I'm biased. I get seasick easily.