Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Declare Myself Queen of the Snippets- A Week in Review

As proud residents of "The Land of Lincoln", Bonehead and I have had to face challenges this week that, quite frankly, we never thought we'd see. It seems we were both accosted (adopted?) by a 3.5 ft tumbleweed this week. It chose to make its presence known to Bonehead at about 5am by blowing its way up onto his windshield just as he turned his headlights on in our driveway. Since he's mentioned it no less than 3 times since, I can safely assume there was almost a small wet mess in the driver's seat of his car. It chose to (accost) greet me in a slightly more friendly fashion by waiting just on the other side of the garage I have to walk around as I was leaving, causing me to scream like a little girl and almost drop Critter, my diaper bag, and my precious Starbucks gift card. Thankfully, I kept a calm head and was able to protect the card. I'm beginning to wonder if I should purchase Christmas gifts for it because it seems to be sticking around for a bit. It's still sitting in our driveway, and has been the cause of our most recent Neurotic Household Discussion: What the heck DO you do with a 3.5 ft tumbleweed?

Critter has begun another round of teething, this time with a cough I might have to break down and take him to the doctor for tomorrow. I know as long as the copious amounts of fluid flowing from his nose are clear he has no infection, but his cough sounds really "congesty", which leads me to believe I may have to take him for his first "my baby is sick" doctor's appointment. 9 months really isn't that bad. I believe Smooch made it just over a year before he had to have his first round of antibiotics. And there I go again. I should really stop comparing the differences in my sons, they are truly night and day anyway.

We have scrapped our plans for a Christmas family road trip to Florida, opting instead to fly my Mom home for the holidays because, well, who really wants to spend 20 hours in a car with a 10 month old? My Mom recently had the unfortunate luck of being another victim of our crappy economy and lost her job, so my sister and I decided that our Christmas present to her should be a plane ticket up north so she can have some holiday cheer in the form of grandchildren. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her daughters miss her. Nothing at all. She'll be with us for darn near a full month, and I'm starting to realize I didn't take into consideration she will no doubt be grumbling about being cold the entire time. Ear plugs are on my grocery list for the week.

Smoochie has his first teacher crush. He's always talking about "Mrs. S." and how he gets to eat lunch with her once a week because he never gets his paw card pulled in class for misbehaving. You can see him light up when he talks about her. It's pretty cute, and it keeps him working hard in school, so really, it's not a bad thing. A teacher crush is nothing like a girlfriend, which I fully intend to scare away all of. Which reminds me, I should get to work channeling Marie Barone.

Bonehead has his last CycloCross race of the season today. I will be more than happy to get his bike out of the back of our minivan so I don't have to load the groceries up on the side of the van anymore. It has become really inconvenient to avoid kneeling on the bread and eggs in order to buckle and unbuckle Critter in his car seat. I am making the family go hours early for this race so I can watch the women race for the first time. I'm actually a little bit excited about that. After 4pm today, I can put the cowbells away until next season.


Mom said...

Thanks for the laughter of the tumble weed can you see that it is gone before I get their as I don't have room for depends in my suit case! And thank you both for giving up your trip to give me an opportunity to spend quality time with all my loved ones! P.S. I will try not to whine about the cold but think getting the earplugs is still a good ideal!
With all my Love Mom

for a different kind of girl said...

How great it will be to have your mom around for a month. I bet the kids will enjoy having some grandma love!

Johnny said...

I still think Tom should be paying us for this. I am cleaning out a nice corner in the basement for you mom, right under the work bench. Smooch can run some food down to you around 6ish every night. If your're quiet, I'll even heat it up for you in the microwave.

Mom said...

At least the food might be warm! P.S. Sound travels up!