Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Warming Party Day 3 (And a Giveaway)

It's time for the party food. Here's a recipe for an ice cream cake guaranteed to make you moan. My biggest secret is to (actually I have two) buy a tinfoil pan that can be thrown away, and be sure only to make it when you can take it somewhere and LEAVE THE LEFTOVERS BEHIND. Because this cake isn't figure friendly. At all.

Ice Cream Cake

Here's what you will need: 2 boxes of ice cream sandwiches (trust me, generic will be just fine), 1 large tub of Cool-Whip, 1 jar of caramel ice cream topping, 1 jar of hot fudge, and either 1 bag of Heath Bar miniatures, or 1 bag of Heath baking chips- whichever you prefer. You will also need a 9 x 13 pan of some sort.

Start by layering the ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of the pan. It's OK to leave room between them. In fact, it is actually preferable so the good stuff can ooze down in the spaces later for added yumminess. Notice the sandwiches that have been cut to fit at the bottom of the pan. It doesn't have to look pretty.

Next you pour THE ENTIRE JAR of Caramel topping over the ice cream sandwiches. Try to spead the wealth evenly-ish.

And I forgot the pictue of the next step, so this one will have to do. If you bought the candy bars, open them and crush in a plastic bag. Once you have crushed pieces, you'll want to sprinkle about 1/2 on top of the caramel topping.

Next add 1/2 the tub of Cool Whip.

Repeat with another layer of ice cream sandwiches. More sandwiches will fit on this layer. I'm not sure why, I just notice stuff like that.

Spread out the remaining Cool Whip.

Now go ahead and sprinkle the rest of the chips on top.

And for the very last step, heat up about 1/2 cup (or more or less depending on your preference) of hot fudge and drizzle on top. Make sure you freeze for about an hour before trying to cover the dish, because otherwise you will loose all your yummy toppings when you remove the lid.

Hubby will be taking this beauty to work for a pot luck day they are having. I meant what I said about shipping it out. Usually, I put it in a tinfoil pan so I can just leave it behind and not worry about the dish.

Be sure to leave a comment or as many as you would like if you are interested in winning THE APRON. For each comment I receive, I will enter your name in the drawing for the winner, which will be announced on November 13th. I hope you are enjoying the party, tune in tomorrow to see what I've got in store next.


Jafael said...

Oh my! That looks GOOD!!! I want to make one!

Annie said...

My girls eat all in one sitting!!!!!

for a different kind of girl said...



I think I got a sugar high just looking at the photos of that cake! If I had that in my house for even a moment before taking it to a potluck, I'd be obsessed with the idea of it in my freezer! Then I'd probably have to call and say I wasn't going to make it to the potluck!

Anonymous said...

If you ship me one of these and it arrives still frozen I might ungrounded you! I will need to sample first.