Saturday, September 6, 2008

Photo Shoot

I caught Critter in a good mood this afternoon, and since my mom was just hinting that I hadn't included any Critter pics in a while, I made a mad ninja dash for the camera before the moment slipped away. For once, Critter was more than happy to be the subject of his very own photo shoot. He hammed it up nicely.

At first he was a little self conscious in front of the lense...

But after a while he began to relax and look more natural. (As natural as a deer in the headlights can look, anyway)

Hey, Critter, what does trouble look like?

No, no, that's what a Cabbage Patch Kid looks like.

Now THATS what trouble looks like.


for a different kind of girl said...

That beautiful face and those shining eyes!! How adorable! I just got a gigantic baby pang!

Mom said...

He is so cute I just want to cuttle with him! Thanks for the updated pictures! Love them so much! Mom

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's a year older since you were home. Take him to the doctor and slow his internal growth chart down right now or we won't recognize him next time your home. They are beautiful and I see he's sitting and playing and not screaming is this something new he's trying.haha love and miss you all aunt cindy