Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smile and Wave

There is a school crossing guard in our town who has a couple of different posts each morning due to different schools starting at different times. I have been driving by him for better than 3 years at different times.

He smiles and waves at every car that drives by his post. And not in a menacing creepy weird way, but in a truly friendly happy way. I've never seen him miss a beat, not even on the rainiest, gloomiest, or coldest (And Chicagoland winters can be their own category of brutal) days. He just smiles and waves and passes on a little joy.

I used to drive by the junior high every morning on my way to drop the kids off at daycare and that is the post I would pass him at. Every morning. Without fail.

Now that I am a stay at home mom, I am not in my minivan transporting children every morning at precisely 7:42am, so I don't often see him anymore. But this morning I broke down and decided Starbucks was in order (In my defense here, I really only still obsess about Starbucks-I have cut down an almost every day habit to approximately once a week) due to the quantity of things I would like to accomplish today.

On the way home, I drove by his second post, which is just down the street from the school my son attends. As I drove by and waved back as I always do (for some strange reason I can't control the impulse to wave back to him, and have always returned his wave) I realized There are a few things I miss about my pre-work hectic morning scrambles, and his little bit of unselfconscious joy spreading waving is one of them.

And so today, I've decided to pass it on. A smile and a wave. I know it's simple, but today, it's all I've got.


Mom said...

That's how you get through the hard and good times by stopping and smelling the roses. (In your case the coffee LOL) Sure glad to know you see & share the roses. I send a wave & smile to you and all who read this also!
Love Mom

for a different kind of girl said...

Great idea! I have days where it works better for me than others, depending on how my morning has kicked off, but really, it takes so little extra energy and goes a long way toward perhaps making another person's day, that it's really worth it!

Valash said...

Smile and wave back to ya.