Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Real Conversation From The Neurotic Household

Yesterday, I was busy feeding Critter dinner while Bonehead was out for a bike ride. Smoochie grabbed one of Critter's books to look at, and sat down at the kitchen table next to me. Within minutes we were engaged in conversation regarding the little word book.

Smoochie: (Flipping the book over to show me the back cover) Mom, check this out.

Me: (Trying to get a spoon full of food in Critter's mouth with one eye and look at the book with the other) What, honey?

Smoochie: It's a wet bacon bottle. (Getting excited) And the bacon is blowing up a balloon.

Me: (Trying very hard not to laugh out loud) Honey, I think that is either a shampoo bottle or a soap bottle.

Smoochie: (Very visibly deflated) Then why did they put a picture of wet bacon on the front?

Me: (Rolling on the floor while Smoochie looks at me in bewilderment and Critter screeches at me for forgetting to fill up is open mouth) Snort, Chortle, I don't know honey, Chuckle, Slobber. That's a good question.

I hear slathering your baby with wet bacon is all the rage these days.


for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! Before I read the body of the post, I wondered "Wonder why they put bacon on that bottle?"

I swear that if Suave made a bacon-scented shampoo, I'd be all over my husband! Ha!

Mom said...

What a cute story! He's right it does look like bacon! Is it suppose to be no more tears or cry over bacon?
Love You!

Traci said...

You are so gifted with your writing skills.

I got the labels at THE DOLLAR TREE...8/$1...can you believe that? I was trying to make them vintagey looking on my computer and gave up. Then, while I am standing in line w/ my other goodies...THERE THEY WERE>...complete w/ a spotlight shining on them....and the angels...er, uh, demons were singing....ok, no light, no demons...I was quite excited though.

They also have LARGER ones.

I'm going to go back to try to find some fall plates since I have Thanksgiving at my house.