Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wondering Why There Are Post-it Notes On My Children's Foreheads?

I have been taken over by a foreign concept for me. It seems that as of recently, I have become quite forgetful. I have always baffled my mom because of my ability to remember things clearly and precisely. I can tell you the precise layout of the apartment we lived in when I was 5 years old. We lived there less than a year. I can tell you the year and date we moved to Illinois from Michigan when I was fifteen. I can tell you the number of the license plate that sat on my mom’s car up until she moved to Florida 2 ½ years ago.

But all of the sudden, I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday. I have heard of baby brain, when the birth of a child seems to suck the memory from within your frazzled grasp, but I never expected it to happen to me. Especially because I was completely not affected in this matter with my first little bundle of joy. I am beginning to wonder if the memory loss is directly related to the fact that I am rarely able to get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep. Sometimes I get less than an hour.

Regardless of the reason for my forgetfulness, here are some things I have forgotten like a total space cadet in the past week alone.

* I forgot the recipe for cleaning out a slow moving drain pipe is (and I’m forgetting it again as I type, too) BAKING SODA and vinegar, not flour and vinegar. Unfortunately, I remembered only after stuffing ½ cup of flour down the drain in my bathroom sink. I’ve had some real “duh” moments lately, and I wish I could say that takes the cake. But I’m not so sure.

* I forgot to pack my son’s lunch last week and failed to realize it until I was sending him out the door to the bus stop. And not in an “Oh, before he leaves this morning, Chas, you’ve got to get his lunch packed” kind of way. I didn’t think of it earlier and then forget. What I did was worse than that. I just plain never thought of the word lunch in my morning. Thank goodness for the few dollars we still had in his hot lunch fund from last year. Poor Smooch had to deal with mom’s failures and suck it up and have pizza at school. I feel guilty for causing him such suffering.

* I forgot I had put a Diet Doctor Pepper in the freezer to accelerate its cool down factor. Once again, I didn’t put it in there and then forget about it. I DO NOT REMEMBER EVEN PUTTING IT IN THE FREEZER. Am I developing multiple personality disorder? I’ve been trying to clean the aftermath from my freezer for several days now.

* I forgot to pick up some items my husband specifically asked me for at the grocery store. Then when I went back to get them, (there were 4 items on my mental list) I forgot 2 of those forgotten items.

* I am forgetting words as well, which is horrendous for me. For example, I am making out the grocery list, and I can’t pull up the words cottage cheese. I’m picturing it in my mind, the little red snack size cups, it’s white, has curds, it’s gross, but hubby likes it, what the heck is that stuff?

There are more forgotten moments, but these are the highlights. Baby Brain? Visits from memory sucking aliens? Too many consecutive REM sleep interruptions? Whatever it is, I sure hope it fixes itself soon.


Anonymous said...

hey chas I just scrolled down my blog and I found the brain sucker he is so adorable and he looks so smart, he is going to grow up and never leave you so that your brain is somewhat close. Then what is my memory problem I never had kids man I wish I had someone to blame I'm jealous. love ya aunt cindy

Jafael said...

I have done the soda in the freezer thing, and that's a real mess! I've even clogged my drain with flour, but it was a flour bag accident.

Sounds like hubby needs to take the kids for a day or a weekend, and let you catch up on your sleep!

Johnny said...

Sounds like Jafael needs to mind her own beeswax!

Mom said...

Knowing how much you like list, I would suggest using them more frequently! (Need to remember to take or look at!)And you really need to figure out what is causing this because I CAN'T LOSE YOU AS MY MEMORY! I will totally be in my own little world then! LOL! I would say getting old sucks but you wouldn't like me saying that would you! It has to be something else! Right!

for a different kind of girl said...

I have definitely done the pop in the freezer thing, and it's a wonder I can remember the word for freezer and pop, because I can barely remember every day words, let alone how to spell them!

Your flour in the drain thing is a whopper!

Traci said...

I often tell my family that I am sick of being the brain for the family....that is why we can't remember stuff....we are trying to remember stuff for 50 other people! I carry a huge binder around w/ me.....guess what I call it? Yep, my BRAIN....ba haaaaa. You are not alone......FAMILY BRAINS, STAND UP AND.......what was I going to say?......hmmm....did you see that moth?....wasn't it.....oh, no, I've got to get the laundry out.....