Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arooooooga! Aroooooga!

Dog names that will have your neighbors questioning your sanity when you have to roam the neighborhood barefoot and in your jammies calling for your canine friend.

1. Arooga
2. Yowsah
3. Sanity
4. Marbles
5. Alien
6. Boogadie Boo
7. Vodka
8. Midlife Crisis
9. Invasion
10. Quack


Anonymous said...

you forgot our all time favorite wisky we named 2 dogs that

Chas said...

Oh. You mean its NOT common to walk around your neighborhood yelling Whiskey! Whiskey! Here Whiskey!?

That's good to know. Maybe I should rethink my weekend routine.....

Anonymous said...

Well its ok I quess just don't take your children with you when you do this it might draw attention to social services.

You know how nosy neighbors can be