Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Field Guide to Parenting


1. If you walk into your baby’s room, and all you see sticking out of the bassinet are kneecaps and elbows, it might be time to put the crib together.

2. When your bassinet wobbles like it’s standing on chopsticks, it might be time to build that crib.

3. If your little guy flushes the toilet, brushes his teeth, walks to his room and pushes his bassinet to you so you can tuck him in conveniently, it just might be time to pull out the crib.

4. If putting your child to bed resembles stuffing a marshmallow into a pen cap, it might be time to put the crib together.

5. If your child wakes you up at 2am yelling in a baritone, “Mom, you forgot to shut the light off again”, it might be time for the crib.

6. If your child pushes a pilsner glass toward you and asks for another “bottle” it’s probably time for the crib.

7. If your baby’s booties are size 10 ½ men’s, it might be time for the crib.

8. If your child asks if he can take his Nintendo DS to bed with him, it could be time for the crib.

9. If your bassinet resembles a hammock, it is safe to say its time to switch to a crib.

10. When baby’s bed time routine includes a shave, it’s definitely time for the crib.

Guess what we’ll be doing this weekend?
UPDATE: We live in a very small home and we are bursting at the seams. So even though my sweet husband wanted to put the crib together BEFORE Critter arrived, I told him no. We still don't have room for a crib, but upon seeing Critter's hand outside the bassinet this morning, I realized it was time to make room for the crib. Maybe. Probably.

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Johnny said...

We should just get Kep's old kennel back from Rachel and let him sleep in there!

"Critter, kennel, now! - Good Critter, goodnight sweetheart"