Monday, July 7, 2008


Wow. I didn’t intend to go into the 4th of July holiday weekend neglecting my blog so severely. The 4th is always a little crazy for us, but I had no idea what we were in store for. Now that I’m home, awake, and have two hands to type with (for a brief period of time at least) here are some of the events that kept us so busy over the weekend.

Friday the 4th included a 1 hour drive to Grandma and Grandpa’s, a 17 mile bike ride for me and Bonehead, and a pretty darned good fireworks display.

I give kudos to my bike for carrying my post baby butt 17 miles relatively comfortably. Any bike that can reach speeds of 18+ mph with me on top without disintegrating is an awesome bike in my book. And I love Bonehead to death for letting me set the pace and not complaining. It was fun although there are two words I have thought many times over since the ride ended. Ouch BikeButt.

We left Smooch at Grandma’s so they could fly Saturday to Seattle for two weeks. I already miss him enough to cry. I do hope he has fun. We used to live out there way back in our just married days. I loved watching the sun rise over one mountain chain, and set behind another.

4 of us drove to Grandma’s and 3 came home. Time of arrival was somewhere between midnight and 1am.

Saturday we were up early to accomplish household chores before going out on a friend’s boat for the day.

Critter didn’t particularly ENJOY boating. In fact, he cried exuberantly. I love boating, but critter will be left on land with a care giver the next time we shove off. At least until next summer and we can try again.

I discovered something worse than a mosquito bite on the foot. Mosquito bites covering tops and bottoms of the feet are most unpleasant. My feet have been in a constant state of “rub” since Saturday night.

After another hour drive home from a different direction, our arrival time home Saturday night was I think around 1am.

Sunday we were back up early to drive another hour. We met up with my best friend from high school who we haven’t seen in about 10 years. I have to admit it was super nice to catch up. I forgot what a fun and interesting person she is.

My sister was kind enough to watch Critter for us for a couple of hours so we could catch up properly. I used it as an excuse to go swimming with my sister and nieces Sunday afternoon.

I think Critter was tired of running everywhere because even though it was his first time swimming, he fell asleep on my shoulder in the pool. So he slept on a towel in the shade for the remaining time we were there.

We finally called it quits and turned down a dinner invitation from Bonehead’s dad and drove yet another hour home.

We got home a little after 7 last night and ordered take out for dinner.

The end result of a super busy and fun weekend? A severely neglected blog, feet so itchy I long for an s.o.s. pad to scratch them, bikebutt, and sheer exhaustion.

I’m so happy its Monday and all I have to do is housework.


Johnny said...

House work? I'll believe it when I see it! :)

Chas said...

Read my words again- I didn't say I WAS GOING to do it, just that that's all I had to do.

Cecily R said...

To be honest, it sounds like a great weekend. Well, minus the itchy feet and bike butt.

And clearly, since you read my post about being a cruddy house keeper, I feel you on the house work thing.

Anonymous said...

If the two of you are going to continue to argue you will need to go to seperate rooms! Chas you might say house work, but unless you get someone to help and hold critter I don't see alot of that happening. Should have brought one of those neices home with you! Even though it was a busy weekend I think you needed it! And to get a little time away from children is a blessing for you! Love Mom

Traci said...

Yeah, I know about the housework...this blog keep interferring sp? with I've made 81 posts so far. I'm really dreading the post for WEDNESDAY....might have gained all I lost....boohooo. Have a great day!!!