Thursday, July 3, 2008


Children are wonderfully creative. Contrary to what I once believed, I am discovering they put a lot of thought into their questions. Here are a few questions I’ve been asked by Smoochie- some within the past few days.

Smooch: Mom, did we buy our house?
Me: Why yes we did, sweetie.
Smooch: Well then, where’s the house store?
Me: Uh...

Smooch: How do weather people tell what the weather is going to be in the afternoon?
Me: Uh...

Smooch: Can I play PINK-a-boo with Critter?
Me: Of course.

Smooch: Do ants carry bombs?
Me: No, why do you ask that?
Smooch: That round thing on their back looks like a bomb
Me: That’s their butt honey.
Smooch: (giggling) You said butt.
Me: Uh...

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bako1964 said...

or, when your firstborn says she would do anything to MOVE OUT...bahaaaaaa. Have a great holiday!