Friday, February 20, 2009

Fridaylicious Snippets

* I hit the jackpot. I have to tell you that fate smiled on me today. I had to go to the DMV because I needed to renew my license (Actually I've been a bad bad girl and postponing it since November because I absolutely DREDDED the thought of waiting for over an hour with Critter in tow. So I'll go tomorrow became I'll go tomorrow became February 20th before I bit the bullet and went.) I walked in, and THERE WAS NO LINE. None. I walked up to the counter, and the gentleman behind it WAS ACTUALLY PLEASANT. He smiled genuinely at me, talked to Critter, and had me taken care of inside of 1 minute 30 seconds. The longest part of my visit was waiting for my license to print and be laminated or whatever it is that they do. I was in and out of the DMV in under 5 minutes, which I think may very well be equivalent to winning the lotto.

* Lately I have taken to calling Critter 'Little Dude', which when properly said sounds like 'Litoo Dood' because it is so much fun to say. And because he's still little, so little in fact that I haven't turned his car seat around yet because I am afraid he might not have met the 20 pound requirement. I'll find out for sure on Monday at his 1 year check up. It really is fun to say. When said really fast it comes out 'LittooDood'. I enjoy saying it so much I would call everyone Littoo Dood if I knew for sure they wouldn't attack me with a straight jacket.

* I have had to check the weather online no less than 3 mornings this week to assure Smoochie that yes, in fact, it will be too cold to wear shorts to school. For some reason, even though he can look out our window and see snow on the ground (Hellooooo, we live in Chicagoland and it's February), he does not believe me when I say it will be cold without checking the all knowing internetz. The ironic thing is that I did in fact wear shorts to my Private Catholic School once when I was his age, and my Grandmother had to come save me. I have no idea what I was thinking- I was supposed to wear a plaid jumper. I have absolutely no clue where the shorts came from. And yes, it was the middle of winter.

* I finally just unloaded our minivan from the Birthday party. We have the kiddo's birthday parties at my in-laws house because our home is pretty small and because we live at least an hour away from the rest of the family. Unfortunately now my kitchen floor is full of bags, boxes, and ironically enough, a 12 pack of Scott toilet paper.

* As soon as I am done with my post, I have to crop and print out a picture of myself. I can not tell you how badly I wish they had double chin crop technology.

* Jason Mraz was in town on Tuesday and I could not attend. I was sorely disappointed because I happen to have an extramarital crush (don't worry about Bonehead too horribly much- my crush pales in comparison to his crush on Winona Ryder) on this particular smooth talking crooner. And I was sorely disappointed Tuesday night because, alas, he did not have an emergency need for Corn Flakes that he had to run to Schnucks for coincidentally at the same time I had to pick up milk. I came back from the grocery store one gallon of milk heavier and one singing sensation shy of proving that dreaming it will make it happen.

* I am aware that I skipped Weight Loss Wednesday entirely this week, and it was not truly my intention to do so. I did step on the scale and I was at 0. I neither gained nor lost. I kept postponing it and then forgot, and decided on Thursday morning when I remembered that I would just wait until next week. Weight Loss Wednesday will be back next week no matter what.

* My cold left and a stomach bug moved in so no exercise happened due to the severe cramping. I'm still fighting it, and hoping it will let up soon. I am growing weary of not feeling well.

* I was making Critter's oatmeal for him this morning after placing him in his booster seat when I turned around and found him chewing on something. Upon thought I realized he was eating a piece of steamed carrot which had fallen into his seat and I forgot to pick up and throw out after the finish of dinner last night (how our dog did not sniff out and devour this little left over morsel I will never know). Realizing that it would be gone before I could get to him, and not wanting to make him angry (he truly has a hairtrigger Irish temper) by attempting to fish nothing out of his mouth because he'd swallowed before I got over to him, I opted to let it go. I know it's gross, but after I thought about it, the piece of carrot had been in his chair for just a matter of hours, really. I've seen food at pot lucks consumed after sitting out longer. I think he'll be OK in the long run, unless some day he reads this particular snippet online and then decides its worth a therapy session.

* I will most likely not post again until early next week since I will be gone until late Saturday night. I fully expect Sunday to be taken up with sleeping in laundry and preparing our home for the week to come. Maybe I'll even put on my headphones and pretend I got to see Jason Mraz live and in person. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Score on the DMV thing. Perhaps you should actually go buy a lottery ticket and see if your luck holds! :)

Mom said...

I'm starting to see you are hanging out to much with your children and might need a little adult conversation. But I do like the little dude for Critter. I agree buy a lottery ticket can't hurt.