Thursday, February 26, 2009

867-540 Ni-ee-iine

I know I missed Weight Loss Wednesday again, and I had all intentions of waking up early this morning and doing a Weight Loss Wednesday-Thursday installment. But Something happened last night as I was preparing for bed that I'd like to share, so it will have to be a Weight Loss Wednesday-Friday installment instead.

On Tuesday, Bonehead had to have some sort of lump removed from the bottom of his foot, resulting in stitches and pain. He came home and promptly informed me that the doctor said he should take it easy. When I asked for how long, I saw his facial features contort into something that can be considered as sly before he answered, "Three months. And you're supposed to feed me grapes."

Yesterday was the first full day with the stitches,and needless to say the pain killers don't seem to be working very well for him. He's got this freaky metabolism that means when they try to shoot him up with novocaine he has to get AT LEAST 5 shots before it starts to have any effect on him, and usually he's so sore from the shots he says, "Forget it just do what you need to do." So yeah, ouch.

Last night as we were preparing for bed, he went up a few minutes early. Just as I was turning off the TV, the phone rang. I looked at caller ID, and it was his cell phone number on the screen.

Now have I mentioned that Bonehead makes it his calling in life to pick on me? I saw that number and knew, just KNEW that he was calling me from our bedroom upstairs and asking me to bring marshmallows up with me when I came. And me? Well I was onto the boy. I wasn't having any of his shenanigans last night, by golly.

So I answer the phone in my best I'm not taking any crap from you tonight buddy voice and say, "WHY the hell are you calling me from up there?"

The response I got was some stuttering. And then a voice that sounded so unlike my husbands I thought he might actually be dying before my brain caught up with the events unfolding in my ear and filled me in on the little secret that the person on the other end was in fact, NOT my husband on his cell phone.

It was his boss on HIS cell phone. The numbers are virtually identical.



Traci said...

lmao.....ha ha hee hee ho ho....

for a different kind of girl said...


Of course, this could perhaps result in having to really do your husband's bidding now to make up for that! :)

Mom said...

How many shades of red did your face turn with this one? It's just a good thing you didn't answer with I'm not doing any sexual favors tonight! So see could have been a lot worse! LOL

Joel said...

What the hell happened to Bonehead ... and his never-updated blog?

Chas, please kick him in the package....and say it's from Joel.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Honey Mommy said...

That is SO funny! I am dying here.

Amiee said...

LOL....too funny =P

nancy Alfred said...

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