Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Teeth

We went to my cousin’s wedding over the weekend. The wedding was sweet, the reception hall beautifully decorated, the food wonderful. I can safely say a good time was had by all. Even Critter was able to put aside the grouchies that had been plaguing him for the past few days and enjoy all of the dancing under the disco ball. For someone who isn’t yet old enough to walk, he sure did dance the night away. He even perfected the art of chair dancing.

Prior to the wedding was an entirely different story, however. Critter had been screaming inconsolably for more than an hour and I was beginning to panic. We had to leave for the wedding in less than 2 hours, we were out of town and I had no emergency babysitter reserved, and I could not submit my cousin and all of her wedding patrons to the eardrum rupturing screams that my little Critter is quickly making a name for himself for.

Amongst one of his screams and one of the fifty gazillion positions I tried holding him in order to console him, I noticed something WRONG in his mouth. So I leaned in for a closer look. I noticed a little white bump protruding from his gums.

I have to admit, it has been 6 years since I’ve had a baby to take care of, and some things escape me until they occur again with Critter. You have to make sure they stay covered or you get sprayed in the face when you’re changing diapers. Somehow I managed to forget about that. I forgot about the fact that holding a squirming baby can be like trying to hang onto a wet noodle with a Spork.

I also forgot about the joys of teething. I was completely unprepared for this new development in my day, and had to go to the local drug store for baby pain reliever and freezer chew toys. At least I was fortunate enough to discover the root of the problem an hour before the wedding- giving us enough time to address the situation and muffle the screams and pain a little.

The following morning I discovered another nub. I’m full of questions at this point though. The first tooth I discovered was a back tooth, not an upper front tooth. The next one is a bottom front. I’ve always thought the top two teeth were supposed to come in first. Now I’m wondering if I need to call our dentist in a panic because he’s getting a back tooth first.

Regardless, I am a proud parent of the biggest, most miserable grumble bunny known to man.

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