Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rights of Passage

Today Smoochie performed 4 summertime rights of passage. He played on the slip and slide, learned how to spit watermelon seeds, walked barefoot in freshly mowed grass, and slurped down a freezie pop.

As I was showing him how to spit watermelon seeds, I was reminded of my own summers as a child. I mentally traveled back to the days before air conditioning was common place, when we splashed in a 3ft plastic pool for relief and ate watermelon in slices as big as our heads. Wearing little jumpers that tied at the shoulders. Walking to the little convenience store for candy and carrying our shoes the whole way. Making up games at the park in order to avoid the boredom that inevitably arrives on the longest of lazy summer days.

I realized that someday Smoochie will look back on his summer vacation(s) in much the same manner that I look back on mine. I want to plan a summer for him that includes all manner of new experiences and some of the rights of passage from my childhood as well. I want to be with him and watch the joy as he experiences catching lightning bugs at dusk, gorging on smores next to an open campfire, learning the fine art of the well aimed cannon ball.

I want him to experience all of that and more, but I am finding that I am quickly running out of ideas, and summer has only just begun. On top of that, I am limited by funds having just recently become a stay at home mom. All of this leads me to my question. What other summertime rights of passage can I pass on to my son? What stands out most in your memories? I would love any ideas that would help me make a very long summer a little more enjoyable to us all.


Anonymous said...

Playing kick-ball, kick-the-can, playing any game that gives him quality time with you I think will stay in his memory forever. Building a bird house, plane, or car. Going for a bike rides, walking & talking. But remember you can do all that and they will still be bored and indicate you don't do anything with them. That memory comes when their older and start remembering things they did as children.

bako1964 said... has tons and tons of ideas. If it is a windy day, tie a string on to a Wal-Mart-type sack....and let it fly like a kite....hours of fun there. Did you make homemade ice a can? Google it...very easy and fun...could go w/ previous poster's idea of kick the can.

Chas said...

Thank you. What a great website with lots of ideas. I'm sure kick the can will come into play as well.