Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Concert" x's Infinity / Weight Loss Wednesday

My hoodlum boys in the park

I have been taking Smooch and Critter to the park across town a couple/few days a week for something new to do. Last week Smooch, who is learning to read, noticed the sign out in front of the park announcing the annual summer concerts in the park on Tuesday nights. Our town’s symphony band plays in an outdoor pavilion on Tuesday nights at this particular park. I was impressed. Smooch read the entire sign by himself.

And then I made a colossal mistake.

I mentioned that MAYBE if it wasn’t raining, we could MAYBE go the following Tuesday, which was yesterday. I thought nothing of it. I’ve got to expose the kid to a little culture somehow, what’s better than free culture, and it was nice to see him get excited about it. Each day from that point brought forth a question from Smooch about what day of the week it was, because he was anxiously waiting for Tuesday to arrive.

I have mentioned before that Smoochie can talk at the speed of light. And with the speed of sound taken into consideration, that means even when his lips stop moving for a moment or two, I’m still hearing him.

The dawn of Tuesday morning brought forth the word “concert”. Every sentence that erupted from Smoochie’s mouth began with, ended with, or contained in some way or another, the word “concert”. I had more than one speed of light moment yesterday. I’m looking at the boy’s big blue eyes, his lips have stopped moving, and I’m still hearing the word. I may actually physically shudder every time I hear that word ever again.

Fortunately, once we arrived at the park with our picnic dinner last night, the word was quickly forgotten. The music was nice, the weather perfect, and I have to confess I enjoyed a little bit of quality time just hanging out with my boys.

We may even do it again. This time, though, I’ll try to keep my intentions secret until it’s time to go.


I weighed in this morning, and here is my weight loss progress as per my post last Wednesday:

Weight: -5 lbs

Exercise: Goal accomplished. I added 4 days of exercise to my week last week. This week, I plan to add 6.

Food journal: Fail. I found it a little difficult to track down a notebook with a squirmy 4 month old in my arms most of the day. I’m trying again.

Starbucks: Uh………Um…….No. I failed miserably. I did, however, switch to their light version, which is considerably fewer calories. This one’s going to kill me to accomplish, but I’m trying again.

I do have a recipe I’ll be posting in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

girl that weight loss thing you know you can do it, i think your doing great a few pounds at a time is better than gaining we are proud of you and you will reach your goal you have allready proven that to yourself before critter and by the way your doing better than me

love ya aunt cindy

Anonymous said...

Great job on the 5 lbs!!!! As always I'm proud of you! I enjoyed the hoodlum picture too.
Love Mom