Friday, June 13, 2008


I took these pictures after our trip to the park on Wednesday. It was the 1st time Critter played himself peacefully to sleep in his Exersaucer, and I couldn’t resist the urge to grab the camera and take a couple of shots. I wanted to capture the rare moment when the path to sleep didn’t follow his normal strictly enforced regimen.

Normally, Critter is a high maintenance sleeper. What does that mean, exactly?

He has to be held completely horizontally. According to Critter, his angle can not exceed 15 degrees, and said holder must be completely still with elbow bent so he can bury his face (which is a little scary by the way) in the bent crook of the inner elbow. If you are Critter’s holder, beware. He will not just nuzzle into your crook, he will face-mash into it complete with wind up.

Another essential ingredient for sleep must be the holder’s cupped hand resting on the exposed side of his face. Critter will let you know if you are doing it right. If you are doing it wrong, he will make a loud shrieking noise that is almost impossible to stop once it starts. This is not to be confused with his “I’m hungry” shriek which is usually, “Cough cough, feed me, yell, cough cough.” This particular shriek is quite uncomfortable and often makes my eardrum vibrate like a kazoo inside my ear. This shriek is so uncomfortable I would give the boy a cheesecake if I knew it would stop it short. If you are cupping his face correctly, he will close his eyes, lift his eyebrows, give two sucks on the binky, and hug your wrist like a stuffed hippo. It’s the angelic desired result. Heaven help you if you mess it up.

The last technique in the sleep countdown is the proper lay-me-down sequence. On the path to bed his head must never be lower than the remainder of the body, nor must it (again) exceed the maximum higher angle of 15 degrees above the remainder of the body. Should you mess this part up, the end result will be the immediate appearance of eyeballs and the sleep sequence will be forfeit and have to be started again from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

This gave you a moment to do something besides hold him and put him to sleep and what did you do, you sat there in awh and watched him just like the rest of did when we saw the picture. some things will never get done when there is something that beautiful to admire. you go chas keep the pictures coming i love them.

love and miss you all
aunt cindy

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how much they are loved when sleeping! Angels they are! This is what makes the crying times easier to deal with. Like Aunt Cindy said keep th pictures coming. Love

bako1964 said...

OMG! You need to send that picture into the maker of the that toy....they could use it in advertising. That is sooooo precious! Oh, and on the post about going to the MUST see the movie August Rush....must, must, will give a new meaning to outdorr concert and music. Very beaustiful movie. Have a blessed and RESTED day. :)