Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

I have gained two pounds since I went back to work, which isn’t too bad considering I gave up the concept of dieting about a week after going back. I couldn’t seem to find time to exercise and I was exhausted so I decided the diet was off for a while. Now that I’m at home, it’s back on full swing. Starting today.

Due to the fact that I am nursing, I can’t really restrict my calorie intake too horribly much. I can watch what I eat and make sure it is good healthy food – no more Starbucks which is going to be the hardest challenge of all. Even as I sit here typing this morning, I feel this pull to pack up the kiddos in the van and drive across town for my Starbucks fix. It’s my personal version of Bonehead’s “crack shake”. Apparently Dunkin Donuts makes a shake so good he swears they put crack in it. It’s that addicting. So I am going to work real hard at the “just say no” policy and stay far far away from Starbucks. That’s change #1 for this week.

Another change I think I am going to make is to write everything that enters my mouth down in a journal this week. That way maybe my son’s popsicles may be more prone to stay in the freezer unless he’s eating them.

This leads me to change #3 for the week. Exercise. Having two children does not grant me the ability to ride almost daily like my husband has been, nor can I often escape to the basement for the exercise bike. If all goes well, I will have a place cleared off on the sun porch for the trainer sometime within the next two weeks. Until then, and even after, I’ll be packing up the kids and taking them to the park. Or on long walks. Or on long walks to parks across town.

I think 3 changes are enough for the week. I’ll post my progress next Wednesday, and any good healthy recepies I try along the way.

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bako1964 said...

I'm supporting you...I, too, am trying to lose weight....a lot of weight. I'll make sure I keep popping in to see your updates.