Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday weigh in time:

Weight: +2

I caved big time in the face of French bread yesterday. Mental note- if you’re going to cave, if you absolutely must give will power the day off, do it on Thursday and not Tuesday.


bako1964 said...

OhhhhhHHhhh NoooOoOO, bread is my downfall also...I know you will do better next week.....I'm shooting for 5 myself...want to join me?

Chas said...

I'm definately in. After this week I feel the need to redeem myself.

bako1964 said...

Hey...I didn't realize you were commenting back....ok, where all did I post...hmmmm. You can email me if you I'll know that you commented or on my I just happened to come back here for something....rofl. Have a blessed day!!!