Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Critter's World

I apologize for the shortness of my past few posts, but typing one handed takes a lot out of a girl. Right now I feel like an undercover agent fully immersed in Critter’s world.

In Critter’s world:

Feeding = Full body contact sport

Binky = Projectile

2 a.m. = 10:30 a.m.

Mommy’s fingers = The best toy EVER

Big brother = Entertainment center

Sleep = Unnecessary waste of time

Mommy = Really cozy bean bag/ Beef jerky

Mommy's laptop keyboard = Kick-toy target

4:30 a.m. = Snuggling into Daddy’s super comfy abandoned spot in bed next to Mom.

Hey. Mommy has to sleep sometime.

Smile = Gold

Laughter = Titanium

Snoring = A happy dance from Mommy.


Johnny said...

NFL, rock star, actor, race car driver hell, I'd even settle for Major League Baseball, this kid better make us millions.

Chas said...

I'd settle for happy and well adjusted. The goal here is for him NOT to have to spend millions on therapy.

Cecily R said...

SUCH a great way to put it into words! Loved this post!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

haha. my daughter was the same way. particularly with the laptop=kicktoy target.